Dining Amongst Dust

Progress is fairly non existent in my home these days. This kid has really done nothing to improve my home project management skills. Before he was born I imagined that 8 months in I'd be a fresh faced pro at this baby wearing, tool in one hand, paint brush in another business. So much for dreams.

Dining Progress

Anyway, during a few recent naps I did manage to bring a piece of storage from the closet to its new home in the dining room, recover a few boxes with colorful paper to conceal dining items (see my genius arrows), and move/remove some decorative accessories (see artsy X's and O's).

Now the plan is to give the table a new paint job, plump up and recover the chair cushions, and consider the possibility of a rug addition.

Dining Progress

Slow and steady I'm getting it done. 


Orange is the New Grad Party

A brand new party reveal (finally)! Please accept my sincerest apologies for a severe lack of updates in the form of these tropical party goodies.

Orange is the New Grad Party

Orange is the New Grad Party

Orange is the New Grad Party

Check out www.Mar-Maladies.com for the complete reveal.


Wedding Goodies: Navy & Coral Dresses

I dunno, call it the wedding season dreamies. Whatever it is I've caught it. Wishing there were more love fiestas to go to. More reasons to get dressed up and celebrate goodness with others. More fancy floral arrangements and dance tunes. But alas, there are currently no weddings for me to attend so I guess I'll just have to make up my own, in the form of a fabulously imaginary Navy and Coral wedding for the gawds. Starting with some lady attire from eShakti.com:

Navy & Coral Dresses

{ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 }
{ 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 }


Spa Lavender

So I got to thinking...if I had free rein and an unlimited budget, what would my ideal Spa space look like? Then of course I couldn't make a stern decision on certain elements so I just did multiple versions. Here's one:

Spa Lavender

{ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, here, here, here, & here - 5 - 6, here, here, here, & here - 7 - 8 - 9 }


The Spa Treatment

A few weeks back I received a virtual design request for a commercial massage therapy space that could meet the client's criteria of being affordable and easily assembled while being calming with elements of warmth for customers. The stipulations were that the wall color was to be pre-determined by someone other than me and nothing was to be drilled/nailed into the walls. Here's how it turned out:

Virtual Design - Massage Therapy Room

The room itself is quite compact with no ceiling or windows. My first thought was to bring texture to both the walls and the floor as cold feet just didn't seem very spa-like to me. Since there were to be no holes in the walls it took a bit of brain power to figure out how to hang drapery without drilling while still providing enough support to keep them up (on a budget). Of course once tension rods popped into my head I felt like a complete idiot for not thinking of them sooner, but whatevs. Better late than never.

As for the rug, I needed something that was patterned and large enough to cover a significant amount of space with a small enough price tag to fit something besides a rug into the room. After tossing around several options I ended right back at the very first one I fell in love with.

Virtual Design - Massage Therapy Room

Though my usual m.o. is to go with all white everything and add color later, the client stressed warmth. Enter my version of that request in the form of (not attached to the wall) wood shelving and the client's request of wicker seating.

Virtual Design - Massage Therapy Room

Add a few lovely scenic prints, bingo bango, and a cozy cost effective room we have.


Grandma Chic

For many years I held on to the idea of decorating a space for my Gramma but never quite got around to voicing it. I thought it'd be neat to give her an updated space in her home that would modernize what she already had and make the gal feel a bit special. Unfortunately the idea never went any further than my brain, but it is never too late to dream of what could've been.

And with that I present my idea of Grandma Chic:

Grandma Chic

{ 1. Ballard Designs - 2. Casa - 3. Spoonflower - 4. Ballard Designs - 5. Serena & Lily -
6. Pier 1 - 7. ZGallerie - 8. Zara Home - 9. Overstock }

I think she would've liked it...a lot.


A Delicate Dedication

On Sunday, May 25, 2014 I lost one of the most influential, genuine, and loving women that I have and will ever know. She was my rock when all I could gather were pebbles. My humor when all I could muster were tears. And as much of a sounding board for me and I was for her.

I can't think of anyone who could make me feel as important as her when all I did was simply walk in the room. "The Lord must have known I needed to talk to you" she'd say. She was in her 90's, but for some reason she valued the opinion of this 20-something who she sternly called her "Little Lost Lambie" if I didn't call/visit enough.

She was hot before hot was appropriate. Warm to most all she met. And cold to the idea that "if it ain't one damn thing it's two" as her Father taught her.

I love and have loved that Woman more than I can seem to find the tears to express. My Gramma. My absolutely perfectly spiced Gramma.


Good Art - Bad Photographer

I started the process of redecorating my dining room at the end of February. My first task was to make new art for the room using an XL dumpster-find frame and the back of the art that was previously contained in it.

Abstract Pastel Painting (4)

I finished the art and went to photograph it only to find that the photos that resulted were horrific. I tried the next day...still bad. Then the next day...even worse. And eventually baby tasks and life in general put the photos, the dining room makeover, and the blog on hold.

Abstract Pastel Painting (5)

I'm pretty sure the problem is (mostly) the picture frame's glass. However, since I had such a hard time getting the glass back in after finishing the painting, I refuse to take it back out just to get a good photo. So these pics will have to do.

Abstract Pastel Painting (1)

Abstract Pastel Painting (3)

Abstract Pastel Painting (2)

I used leftover latex paints in turquoise, pink, gold, white and mint for both the art and the frame itself. I also added a bit of yellow watercolor paint since it was the only yellow I had on hand.

It is actually much more pastel toned than the pictures show, but again this is the best I could do.

Abstract Pastel Painting (6)

Darn poor photography skills.


3 Months Old (Preston's Monthly Photo)

I don't know how much you decor blog visitors care about seeing baby photos, but they sure are in high demand amongst family members. So in an effort to continue pleasing Preston's fans...

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

3 Month's Old (March 6, 2014)


Magazine Rack Turned Shoe Storage

Continuing on my quest for organizational peace of mind...I recently had to come to grips with an ugly little fact about myself. I might have inherited a teeny magazine hoarding trait. Never mind that it has been long contained in one corner of my home. I was still creating much too much clutter with a stack of papers that I hadn't bothered to look at since the year that I stacked them there. So off I went to take control of my corner(s) again.

Magazine Rack Shoe Storage

The corner pictured is actually from my bedroom which was filled with books I probably won't finish reading anytime soon, but the real (un-pictured) corner was in my living room accompanied by a different stack of books and a different magazine rack. Unfortunately I didn't think about photographing it before I started clearing the crud so you'll have to take my word for it that things were worse than what it pictured. Like random fabric scraps and old instruction manuals had also found there way over there worse.

So I stole some moments to peek through the mags for any powerful decorating/cleaning solutions I could find before tossing them and then I tossed them. The result...

Magazine Rack Shoe Storage

Magazine Rack Shoe Storage

I finally have a compact off-the-floor space to hold the pairs of shoes that find themselves blocking the entryway of my home, and a separate one for the shoes in my bedroom that I try on when looking for something to wear and then toss in the corner when they don't work.

Magazine Rack Shoe Storage

Bravo for free use-what-you've-got solutions. Now if I could only figure out how to clean my dusty floors in these pictures...


Baby Bottle Storage

So I've finally come back to show that simple baby bottle storage solution that I previously mentioned.

Baby Bottle Storage (1)

After acquiring a new self-imposed mission to make the abundance of storage in my home actually work for me instead of against me, I magically ran across this little dilemma solver that had been staring me in the face for far too long...Use the non-functioning nail supply storage container (that I've since replaced) as a functioning baby supply storage container.

Baby Bottle Storage (2)

Of course I cleaned it thoroughly before adding baby feeding items to it.

Baby Bottle Storage (3)

Baby Bottle Storage (4)

Baby Bottle Storage (6)

Baby Bottle Storage (7)

Hey look, I even found a use for those many receiving blankets. Turns out they work great as drying towels for dripping baby supplies.

Baby Bottle Storage (8)

And now there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Yay!



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