Apr 10, 2008

Cutest Cupcake Contest

Cutest Cupcake Contest
{Previously sold by flutesusan25}

Today is Precious Style's 1st Birthday! In celebration of this milestone in my blog career, I am sponsoring a Cutest Cupcake Contest.

The rules for the contest are simple:
- Participants must create a cupcake using their choice of materials.
- Creativity is key which means the more colors and textures that are incorporated, the better the chances are to become a finalist.
- Entries must be emailed to preciousstyle@hotmail.com by Friday, April 25th and should include a Name, Mailing Address, and Email.

After two weeks, three finalists will be chosen. The winner will be decided by Precious Style readers through a week of voting.

The Prize: A $50 Anthropologie gift card

PLUS a 1-Year subscription to Domino Magazine.
The success of this contest depends on the participation of my readers. So, please don't be shy! Show off your culinary creativity and enter in Precious Style's Cutest Cupcake Contest.


erin said...

How fun!!! I just discovered your blog through desire to inspire...I'll have to read more after posting!

I'm not too great when it comes to frosting cupcakes, but I am hoping to have enough time to join in on the fun!

Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

Thank you for stopping by, Erin. I am so grateful to Jo and Kim of Desire to Inspire for being kind enough to mention my contest on their site.

Artistic abilities aren't being judged here, just thought, creativity, and cuteness. Please join in. I'm sure your creation will be fabulous.

pinkstilettos said...

Oh you love cupcakes Like me. I mean who doesnt really, but i like the idea if that makes sense. Great post!

Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

Thanks, pinkstilettos...cute name by the way.

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