May 2, 2011


I just about burned my dinner while watching a DVR'ed episode of The Nate Show where he featured the fabulous Home of Jill Sorensen (of Live Like You). Talk about an amazing display of colors! Look at this place:

Then there was the red mirror. The red mirror that sent me into a frenzy thinking of a place in my home where I too could use a bit more color.

I definitely have a spot in mind for a similar project but I've currently put myself on project punishment.
Pro- what you say? Well it's the mandatory halt of new projects I have placed on myself until I finish the old ones, mainly the bedroom which is still in need of another lamp, updated pillows, a coat of paint on the armoire that I've never revealed and some artwork, in addition to the unfinished entry I've been barely working on at my Mum's place (which has also not been shown except for in this virtual version).

So much to do, so little energy to do it with, but a hot new/old colorful mirror is definitely going on my future projects list.

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