Jan 30, 2012

Tea Bingo (Free Printables)

Tea Party Bingo

Our Tea Party Bingo set may now be downloaded by visiting the website of our sister-company,


Jennifer said...

I'm having a heck of a time with scribd. Would you be willing to email me the pdf for the LEMON game. They look SO cute. Thank you so much.

Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

Sure, Jennifer. Simply email me at marcia@preciousstyleonline.com and I'll reply with the PDF.

Victoria said...

I am having a hard time as well.We are having a tea party for my daughter's 6th birthday Saturday.
Could you e-mail me a copy too?


Thank you,

Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

Sorry you two were having issues with the download. I will email you the document.

jan said...

Would you mind e-mailing me the document as well? THANK YOU!! This is darling and I want to use it for a ladies tea party!


Marcia V. said...


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